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PRE-ORDER 2024 Vahagn the Dragon Reaper 1 oz Silver Proof Coin

PRE-ORDER 2024 Vahagn the Dragon Reaper 1 oz Silver Proof Coin

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*** This coin is currently in production and will be released in mid to late 2024! You are able to pre-order your low serial number copy now!

Vahagn Vishapakagh, a prominent figure in Armenian mythology, stands as a revered and multifaceted deity embodying the ideals of valor, protection, and cosmic order. Renowned as the god of fire, war, and thunder, he is intricately linked to the sun and symbolizes strength and heroism in Armenian cultural traditions.

Commonly referred to as "Dragon-reaper," Vahagn's ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges is underscored by his association with mythical dragons, particularly the legendary slaying of Vishap. This dragon, a symbol of chaos and destruction, terrorized ancient Armenia, devouring livestock and instilling fear among the people. The gods deemed Vahagn, known for his bravery and warrior spirit, as the champion to confront and vanquish Vishap.

Armed with a mighty weapon, described as a thunderbolt or flaming spear, Vahagn engaged in a fierce battle with the formidable dragon. The clash between the two powerful beings epitomized the struggle between order and chaos, with Vahagn's strength and determination prevailing. His victory over Vishap signified the triumph of good over evil, bringing an end to the dragon's reign of terror and restoring harmony to the land.

Beyond his martial exploits, Vahagn's mythology includes a divine birth resulting from the celestial union of the sky god, Aramazd, and the earth goddess, Anahit. This connection adds layers to Vahagn's character, emphasizing his divine origins and cosmic significance. Additionally, Vahagn is associated with the sun, symbolizing light, warmth, and life, further enhancing his role as a god of vitality and protection.

In a unique fusion of attributes, Vahagn is not only a warrior god but also holds a crucial role in agriculture and fertility. His divine influence ensures bountiful harvests and the well-being of the Armenian people, highlighting the complexity of his character and contributions to the community's welfare.

The enduring legacy of Vahagn extends into various aspects of Armenian culture, including art, literature, and religious practices. Depicted in sculptures, paintings, and epic poems, he remains a timeless symbol of strength and divine intervention. Celebrations and rituals dedicated to Vahagn continue to be integral to Armenian religious traditions, emphasizing the importance of invoking his blessings for prosperity and security.

In conclusion, Vahagn Vishapakagh's multifaceted nature, encompassing his role as a warrior god, dragon-slayer, symbol of cosmic order, and provider of fertility, reflects the intricate tapestry of Armenian mythology. His enduring presence and influence in cultural expressions demonstrate the profound impact of this revered deity on the beliefs and traditions of the Armenian people.

Weight: 31.1 grams
Diameter: 39mm
Metal Content: 99.9 Fine Silver
Artist: Andranik Aghazarian
Maximum Mintage: 10,000
Grade: High Relief (Proof)
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