Collection: 99.9% Fine Silver Bullion

The Pomegranate Mint currently has three different series of collectible silver bullion products ongoing and available in limited quantities to the public. The first release from the Pomegranate Mint was the Ancient Armenian Kings Series, which consists of the coins of prominent kings throughout Armenian history. The second series was the Legendary Heroes & Mythical Beasts Series, which focuses on prominent mythological figures, animals, and gods in ancient Armenian culture. Finally, to break the mold of the collecting series, we have released our third genre, the Cross Stone (Khachkar) Bar Series. This series reimagines the role of collecting silver bars, by bringing the beauty of Armenian khachkars, unique craftsmanship, and originality to the industry. Whether you love one or you love them all, these series are all produced under limited runs, and once they are gone, they will be gone forever!