Collection: Silver Cross Stone (Khachkar) Bar Collection

The Silver Cross Stone (Khachkar) Bar Collection, is the first time an Armenian khachkar has been created in 99.9% fine, investment-grade silver bullion. Cross stones are found throughout the Armenian highlands, carved from a variety of stone materials, and exhibit numerous different Armenian Christian designs and cultural motifs. The Pomegranate Mint seeks to revolutionize the silver-bullion collecting community, by reimagining what a silver bar should be. This one-troy-ounce silver bar is crafted in exquisite details, upon a stunning mirror-like polished surface. The Pomegranate Mint is working on adding to this collection in the future, producing larger sizes with extremely original designs. We hope that you will not think of silver bars the same, after seeing what we produce in this ongoing collection. Each silver bar comes encapsulated in an airtight capsule, with a full-color card, certificate of authenticity, and the history of khachkars in Armenia. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours today, before history passes you by!