Collection: Ancient Armenian Kings Coin Collection

The Ancient Armenian Kings Coin Collection is the first release from the Pomegranate Mint, starting in early 2022. Each coin from this collection is crafted from 99.9% fine silver bullion but recreates how the original, ancient coin of the king would have looked new. This is a concept that has never been done before by a private mint, often forcing collectors to purchase heavily damaged originals for exorbitant prices, or run the risk of overpaying for very poorly made imitations. With this collection, you will not only own a silver product of the finest purity, with reeded edges, and all the benefits of modernity, but you can enjoy the beauty of these ancient designs in their original dimensions and weight, as they were intended. Every coin will arrive fully encapsulated in an airtight capsule. Also, we include a full-color booklet, including a certificate of authenticity, which details the history of both the king and the coin itself. The Ancient Armenian Kings Coin Collection is part of an ongoing series, where you can collect the coins of these ancient kings while learning the interesting history behind them, get yours today before history passes you by and they are gone forever!